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Strength of a Woman

She can fight for her dignity,

Vengeance on her mind,

She doesn’t want to be pitied,

Nor will she be kind, She can love so eternally,

Whether its fruitful or not,

And for generations be symbolically,

The meaning of love,

She can sacrifice her life,

For the sake of her man,

She will be the perfect wife,

Even in absence she can,

She can even fight death,

And overcome all obstacles,

She doesn’t need a weapon to fight with,

She can create miracles,

She can love her children tenderly and be their world,

To protect them from weapons hurled she can go against all men,

In all her might she can course of events turn,

Bring back to life her children,

To save his life,

She can give to another,

And in knowing that he is away from strife,

She will always feel blessed as a mother,

She did not give him birth,

But to her he is her son,

In her love there is no dearth,

In him she sees the world and the moons,

She can give you health, wealth happiness and strength,

The prayers to her will always be met,

If its the right path or ways to mend,

Whatever you ask for you will get,

About what she can be I can go on and on,

Love, strength and dignity that can never be gone,

So you really don’t see what is wrong,

In trying to empower what is already strong.



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