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2017 a year that for me has been a year of almost been.  Things, work, ideas, friendships and even blog posts that were all almost posted, almost successful, almost happened, almost real. It has also been a year that has been physically painful, and we have made more trips to the doctors than anything else this year. Now for all those who know me, know that I like to be the optimist, but this was the year that even made the optimist in me take a break.

And while I was discussing (read cribbing) about how bad this year has been, my Bhai said something very important to me the other day. This was a good year, he said, and things could have been much worse. That is when I stopped and realised that maybe I am the one looking at the things wrong. Yes I did write a lot less and plans did not work out. Yes, a childhood idol lost his battle with depression, yes, people and things did not turn out as they seemed to be. But life has dealt me hands that were much worse than this and I did live through them, and not just survived the odds but beat them by miles.

So I decided rather than explain the shortcomings let me list down the best of the year, because this year did have some very precious moments and I want remember 2017 as the year that changed my life J (with a smile rather than a frown) Since my word of the year for 2017 was Smile.

My Biggest Achievement this year has to be this

For those of you who don’t know yet and for those who do (I am sorry that I have been throwing this in your face every single chance I get) I got credited for a screen writing job –  an episode of Saavdhan India. It was a surreal moment to see my name on screen.

It was The Year that began with an award. Yes I did get my first award for creative writing none the less. Appreciation in any form is always welcome, and when it comes in form of an award, even more so.

The Year I finally took my hobby seriously and began to learn to sing. Maybe I should have done it earlier, maybe I might not have enough time to learn now, but hey a beginning is better than never ever doing something.

Now that I think about it, 2017 was the year I found some of my favourite people, embraced more easily and was open to new challenges and new experiences. And After all like Sid reminded me, Peace and Happiness is about changing what we can control and not worrying about the things we cannot

Looking Forward…

So what do I expect to do in 2018. First things first is to kick-start this blog again. It has lost its voice for way to long. Time to give it back its words.  So yes look forward (I hope you all are looking forward) to more posts, about books entertainment and of course my escapades with singing. I am also debating a 40 before 40 plan…I don’t know if I should go through with it. Suggestions Please? Of course my usual musings will continue.

I realised I was just being meaninglessly busy in 2017 and I need to make better use of my time. So while Smile and Accept both gave me a lot of new things I complicated everything by not being organised enough, and not saying No enough.  I need to choose better and fill my life with meaningful things rather than meaningless busyness.

So yes that brings me to my word of the year. And 2018 is going to be the year of Simplify.  And Simplify goes hand in hand with two things Letting Go and Focus. And so taking the lessons that 2017 has taught me (Though a little painfully), I go into 2018 with the aim to let go of things that don’t matter, focus on the things that do and Simplify everything in the process. Looking forward to simplifying in 2018, more writing and plans and ideas that finally see the light of the day? What are you looking forwards to in 2018? What is your word of the year? Looking forward to listen to your stories of 2017.



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